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that girl you just called stupid? thats dan howell


i thought this was cute


i thought this was cute

Happy 27th Birthday, Phil Lester!

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PJ & Chris version

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Dan made his way down the street, going in the direction of the small cobblestone path. He was planning on meeting his best friend, Phil, today. They hadn’t seen each other in so long. Both of them had quit YouTube quite a few years ago. If you went on their channel, it would say ‘no longer active’. Dan still had his mighty and loyal danosaurs, although most of them had just forgotten about him. He knew that would happen over the years…and it made him sad, but happy at the same time. Sad, because he knew he was finished with YouTube, but happy because he had an incredible journey with his fans and friends.

Dan reached the path and turned on to it. Up ahead, he saw Phil. He was a bit slow today, due to back problems and some arthritis. Dan had always cracked his knuckles and back too much. Even though Phil told him to stop, he would keep doing it. 

The brunette met his friend and they both ended up planted on the grass. Dan cleared his throat and turned to face Phil, “By the way, a fan sent these lion socks to my P.O. box and they wanted me to give them to you.” He tossed the still-tagged article of clothing over to Phil, making them land right beside him. “I remember in one video, you said you would love to own a pair of lion socks. I guess that’s why the fan sent them…I’m surprised they still remember us. The two dorky teenagers talking to a camera, and then to millions of people. Dan always had more subscribers than Phil, but eventually, the hate put on Phil had died down a lot and they both had an equal amount of subscribers, ending with over four million. “I miss it, to be honest.” Dan spoke to his friend again. “Just the fact that you got to meet tons of people and experience amazing opportunities. It was a lot of hard work, but it was definitely worth it. If I hadn’t made YouTube videos, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet you. Meeting you completely changed my life.” The two best friends ended up spending all day together, from sunrise to sunset, just talking about their memories.

The moon glowed faintly in the peach pink sky, signaling Dan that he needed to get home soon before it got too dark. He stood up, while Phil stayed rooted to the ground. Dan gazed down at the shiny, new tombstone that was sat in front of him. He rested a severely veined hand on the rounded top, giving his friend one last goodbye for the day. “I really miss you, Phil. Hopefully we’ll be reunited up there. Maybe soon.” And with that, Dan pulled his hand off of his beloved friend’s gravestone, beginning to walk away. He actually enjoyed being outside, especially at dusk. The slight summer breeze would blow through his grey toned hair, whipping it around frantically. Dan inhaled fully, before settling down the cobblestone path, wondering if he would see it once more. 

No more than a week later, another tombstone was placed perfectly next to Phil’s. So, the two dorky best friends would be with each other forever. 

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